Why masculinity needs to be redefined for the sake of the animals, the earth and our future.

We are experiencing challenging times. Natural ecosystems are collapsing. World population is increasing. It is estimated that we kill around 150 billion animals each year in the meat and dairy industry alone. We have created the most horrific systems, commit the most brutal crimes to other beings and repeat the most senseless arguments and shrug our shoulders to uphold these systems and acts, because it is seen as ‘normal’.
Time for change? Fortunately more people are saying YES!

This is good news, because it means that people are increasingly willing to take a good look at their own ecological footprint, especially at what’s on their plate. Veganism is on the rise. Health, climate change and animal welfare are issues that drive more and more people to adapt a plant-based lifestyle. Originally seen as a fringe movement, the rise of veganism has shown us that this movement is not a trend but the future of this world, holding many answers to major worldly issues in its core.

The expansion of veganism means that we need to redefine traditional stereotypes. For example the idea that ‘if you want to be a real man you eat meat’ no longer rings true in this day and age. Having done something a certain way has never been a good excuse to keep on doing it. But still many are using this excuse to not change their habits. And although veganism is on the rise as said above, eating meat is still deeply ingrained in many homes. Changing this on every level of this society means that we have to take a closer look at what lies at the root of our society. How did we get here in the first place and what is needed most in this world to change things around. How important is it to transform the way we think to really change the future and what does that future look like if we, as a species, evolve and compassion becomes the force behind everything we do.

So what needs to happen first. What do we need to focus on. And what is the actual change we are looking for.

Maartje Borst and Lisette Kreischer, authors of the book MAN.EAT.PLANT. believe a necessary part of the process to create a vegan world, aka a world based on non-violence and fundamental equality, is to redefine masculinity. In their book they not only present the most delicious umami-bombed veggies, they also portray 10 very inspiring vegan men, that to them reflect a new image, a new way of cool and that a true warrior lives and breathes kindness.

On Saturday the 9th of March at 15.00 pm Maartje and Lisette will be talking (in English) to Mark Kulsdom – cultural historian, former animal rights activist and CEO of The Dutch Weed Burger – , Jay Brave – vegan activist and entertainer – and Leo Venus – vegan athlete, vlogger and medical scientist – over at Veggieworld. During this talk they highlight the reason behind the creation of their book and will investigate with these men in depth how issues like racism, gender, feminism, masculinity, patriarchy, speciesism, emancipation, animal rights, stereotyping are all connected when it comes to the creation of a vegan world and what needs to happen NOW to makes this world a reality.

Make sure to be there!

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