I wish all the tears I have shed over the death of so many beings would form clouds of rain bringing relief to a world in flames.

I wish all the grief I feel would form winds of awareness waking up those who are still sleeping.

I wish the waters we have so much of here would offer aid to where it is most needed.

In memoriam all the lost souls, victims of speciesism of climate change denial of this world’s catastrophic events. May they be loved in another Universe.

May our actions be a bandage for many wounds.

Sending prayers for rain to those in need.

All over the world (at 08.00 pm Dutch time) people will be praying, meditating and focussing on rain for Australia and all places where rain is needed, powering up our collective energy. For guidance and local times check here.

In short the idea is that you focus on/set intentions for:

‘-Gentle, consistent rain falling on the affected areas,  soaking into the land and lasting for days
-All fires extinguished
-People and animals celebrating, full of joy and gratitude

Collective prayer has a far more powerful effect than when we pray individually. Please share this invitation freely.

Whatever your faith or spiritual belief, please enlist the Grace of it to come to Australia’s aid. The Compassionate Grace of the Divine will hear our calling!’

Will you pray with me?

‘There is still a window of time. Nature can win If we give her a chance’ – Jane Goodall.

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