And then it was summer. The perfect season for the family BBQ. The moment we’ve all been waiting for! With so many plant-based options available, it is simply a joy to be able to feast on delicious food with a clear conscience together with friends and family.

After connecting with an animal just like we did with Sam and her children, wanting meat on one’s plate is a thing of the past.

That is why we have some delicious plant-based BBQ recipes ready for you! Developed by the brilliant vegan chef Maartje Borst and beautifully photographed by vegan activist Lisette Kreischer.

These recipes are so delicious in taste and texture, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way! Win-win-win for the animals, the environment, and your own as well as your table companions’ taste buds! Let the summer begin!

Download the book here (you can choose from an English or Dutch version). Share the recipes with your friends and family and enjoy an animal-friendly experience powered by plants!

Launch: July 2021
Publisher: House of Animals
Design: Joost van Beek
Images: Lisette Kreischer
Recipes: Maartje Borst
Translation: Maria Indijan





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