In 2009 seaweed crossed my path thanks to a collaboration with the wonderful Sea First Foundation. The founder Dos Winkel told me so many wonderful stories about the sentient beings fish are. Wonderful creatures with many beautiful characteristics who also happen to play an extremely important role in the ocean. It is where they belong. Not on our plates. Dos inspired me to experiment with seaweed to seduce people to eat from the ocean while letting fish roam the blue waters of this planet. By the way, did you know that fish do not produce omega 3 themselves? They get it by eating algae, plant material that we can eat as well.

I got hooked and dove into the wonderful world of edible weeds, seaweeds, and learned all about their nourishing and medicinal value. Seaweed as a plant food turned out to be the missing link for me to make my story about the plant based kitchen complete. So together with Sea First I wrote a book called NON*FISH*A*LI*CIOUS (sold out now) and later created the NON*FISH snackbar, co-founded The Dutch Weed Burger and wrote another book in collaboration with Stichting Noordzeeboerderij and Roos Rutjes.

That book was Groente uit Zee and Ocean Greens published in the US by The Experiment. To this day I feel so incredibly proud for the birth of this book and it even became an IACP Award Finalist in the US, which is very very cool .

Ocean Greens is your innovative guide to edible seaweed and sea vegetables loaded with vegan recipes. Seaweed can be one of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious crops when cultivated with care, awareness and respect to Mother Earth.

And I have some amazing news. The Ocean Greens ebook US edition was selected for a Kindle monthly promotion for June 2019. While the hardcover book is of course something else, this exciting month long promotion will provide a brilliant discount, offering the ebook for only $2.99 (3,26 when you are in Europe), making it extremely easy to start learning all about seaweeds and get inspired by the richness of the plant based kitchen. You can obtain your Ocean Green Kindle Ebook right here.

Daily Poetry thank you for the gorgeous nook!

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